Come inserire un video e foto

Come inserire un video e foto

* {flowplayer size=720×400 img=path-to-initial-image}path-to-your-file{/flowplayer}


Next we need the images. We upload them to a folder in (Joomla-Installation)/images/stories.

1.) Go to "Site" > "Media Manager"

2.) Navigate to the folder "Media" > "stories"

3.) Create a new subfolder for your images. In this sample I choose the name "verysimple"

4.) Open the new folder …

5.) … and upload your images to it. The plugin accepts images of type ".jpg", ".gif" and ".png".

6.) Go to "Article Manager" and open the article you want to display the gallery.

7.) At the place you want the gallery to be shown insert the code to call it.

The code consists of the call {*vsig}{/vsig*} (without the asterisks) and contains the name of the folder with your images. The path to this folder "/images/stories" is added by the plugin automatically and must not be inserted.

The complete call in our sample would look such as:

{*vsig}verysimple{/vsig*} – without the asterisks

To use a folder within a folder, the path below "/images/stories/" is used, e. g. to use the folder /images/stories/folder/subfolder" the call would look such as:

{*vsig}folder/subfolder{/vsig*} – without the asterisks

In general that´s it and the gallery is ready to go.

How to show title and text with our images or modify the current gallery from the default-settings in the backend, find out in the second part of this howto (link at the end of the page).

8.) Save – done!

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